• Two Bedrooms Duplex on 14 Yona Hanavi st Tel Aviv

Some of the smallest Tel Aviv Apartments that you can rent are studios. All of our studio apartments are either new, or newly renovated. They come fully furnished so that you can really enjoy your short-term stay in Tel Aviv. From there, we have a variety of different one-bedroom apartments that are available as well. These are an excellent choice for anybody who wants to spread out a little bit, or to have some privacy if there are several family members along for the trip.

The two and three-bedroom Tel Aviv Apartments come in a number of different styles. The standard two bedroom provides you with enough living space for a small to medium-sized family. The large and duplex two-bedroom units offer you additional space so that you can really spread out and enjoy yourself. The three-bedroom units are very similar, only offering you an additional living space and the feeling as if you were actually in a home, not simply in an apartment.

You can contact us with any questions at: Info@telavivapartments.org or call us in anytime to +972-505-704-704