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One of the more famous museums found in Tel Aviv is The Jewish Diaspora Museum, or in Hebrew, "Bet Hatfutzot", located on the Tel Aviv University campus in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv. The Diaspora Museum opened in 1978 and depicts the timetable and story of the Jews from the time of their expulsion approximately two thousand five hundred years ago to the present, helping viewers understand the development of the Jewish people. The museum was also created in an attempt to recapture the Jewish sense of self from a historical perspective as it traces the struggles, journeys, and evolution of the various Jewish cultures and nationalities.

The museum does not contain any actual artifacts. It is comprised largely of photographs, small-scale replicas of synagogues and Jewish communities, music, and maps, giving museum viewers a genuine feel for the odyssey of the Jews from the time of their expulsion. The Diaspora museum also contains accurate models and depictions of clothing worn from the various ages beginning 2500 years ago, along with individual homes and work places.

Over the past several years, the Jewish Diaspora Museum has become widely acknowledged as the World Center for Jewish Peoplehood. The museum subsequently opened the International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies.

For more information regarding hours and bus lines to the Jewish Diaspora Museum, go to www.bh.org.il.

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