• Three Bedrooms Duplex 5 on 10 Shenkin st Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv is well known across Europe as well as the US for its teeming nightlife. Over the past several years, over a hundred different types of bars and clubs have been established across the city, drawing for the most part, the young, trendy, and secular crowds. There is music of many different styles- jazz, rock, folk, cabaret, techno, funk, and disco, among others - as well as an assortment of different categories of bars and clubs. There are trendier bars and clubs, such as Anna, Ilka, Rosa Parks, Barzilai, and Lima Lima, to name a few.

There are also bars with more subdued and intellectual tones such as Mish Mish on Lilenblum Street. One of the more famous nightlife hotspots is Allenby Street in downtown Tel Aviv, where the street is replete with twenty or so dance clubs, bars, and pubs including Joey's Bar and The Minzar.

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