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Tel Aviv apartments .org specialized with vacation apartments in the center of Tel Aviv, from the beginning of Hayarkon street till the of the street. We cover the beach area as well and our apartments are on luxury new buildings or renovated one. We can provide you with any size of furnished apartment or unfurnished residence for short term rental or long term rental.

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Considering the ancient biblical history of Israel, Tel Aviv was established relatively recently. The city was founded in 1909, and has grown astonishingly since then to become one of the fastest growing cities in Israel. Tel Aviv is extraordinarily multifaceted, especially for such a young city. First and foremost, Tel Aviv is the cultural hub of Israel. The citizens of Tel Aviv and Israel in general are well known to be sophisticates of the art world. The city is simply teeming with museums of all different varieties, from the Diaspora Museum to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to the Helena Rubinstein Pavilio. The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center stages performances of all different types, including dance, opera, and an assortment of different styles of music-vocal, jazz, etc. New cultural institutions are still materializing on a consistent basis, such as the Enav Cultural Center and the Felicja Blumental Music Center. From a cultural perspective, Tel Aviv is accepted nucleus of Israel.

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Tel Aviv is also is the center of Israel from a commercial and economic perspective. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange as well as most of Israel's newspapers and magazines are located in Tel Aviv. Additionally, the majority of the nation's hi-tech industry, which is steadily continuing to increase, can likewise be found in Tel Aviv.

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Tel Aviv's balmy Mediterranean climate adds to its allure as a tourist hot spot, with its sunny beaches and warm, breezy nights. The beach alone provides many fun activities for visitors, whether you are a family, single, or couple, whether you are just swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the sand, kayaking, or enjoying the numerous cafes and small restaurants on the waterfront. And Tel Aviv's variegated nature is yet another reason to visit the city. For those interested in architecture, Tel Aviv is comprised of a fascinating hodge-podge of several different architectural styles spread over the city's nine districts, from Modernist to Bauhaus, to red-tiled roofs to highrise architecture. If film is your niche, the Tel Aviv Cinematchique stages several film festivals a year, in addition to its usual wide array of movie genres, from classic to avant garde.

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For young singles just looking to have a good time on their vacation, there are hundreds of nightclubs and bars dispersed across the city. For families, there are many day activities for children of all ages in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv has plenty of attractions for couples as well. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, Tel Aviv has something to offer to make your vacation unforgettable.

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